Offering retail banking customers the transactions they want, when and where they need them, providing them with an exceptional customer experience, while at the same time they keep their operational costs as low as possible is one of the challenges of financial organizations today. Printec cooperates with the global leaders in consumer transaction technologies, such as NCR, and Glory (former Talaris) and provides financial institutions with the latest technologies in self service and branch transformation solutions.

Self Service

According to leading global market studies, consumers are more digitally enabled, demanding speed, convenience and control. As a result, they seek to have the best possible personalized services. Reduced queues (i.e. less waiting time) and availability (i.e. easy access during extended hours) appear to be the two main drivers behind the use of self-service channels.

Under the current market circumstances of financial downturn and lower consumption levels, the highest level of differentiation for organizations will derive from the improvement of customer experience, combined with a simultaneous reduction of operational expenses. Printec’s integrated solutions enable organizations optimize their efficiencies while at the same time put consumers in the spotlight by exceeding their expectations.

Automated Teller Machines

Value Added Solutions for the ATM Channel


Branch Transformation

With 80% of product sales still being closed at the branch, the branch network is still the preferred point of interaction for most customers. The branch network however, is more than a mere point of sales, it is also the human face of financial organizations. In times when customer satisfaction is an important growth driver, helping business growth by building long-term, loyal relationships, technology is what will drive differentiation. 

Branch Transformation solutions empower customers and enable self-service migration, thus increasing branch efficiency by improving staff productivity, which leads to improved customer experience within the branch. Branch transformation solutions help organizations achieve the goals of transaction automation, customer satisfaction, sales enablement and above all, customer retention.

New generation Personal Teller Machines (PTMs)

Automated Store Payment Systems

Digital Signage and Queue Management

Teller Cash Recyclers and Teller Cash Dispensers

Coin and Banknote Counters/ Sorters