The ATM self-service networks are increasingly being leveraged, in tandem with other alternative retail banking delivery channels (e.g. internet, mobile, call center), as an additional channel to communicate with consumers. Printec, in cooperation with NCR, offers a suite of multi-channel marketing software solutions, which enable financial institutions to redefine their marketing strategy over their ATM self-service networks, spanning broad based advertising campaigns to targeted, personalized and location sensitive content delivery to consumers.

NCR APTRA™ Promote enables the delivery of carefully coordinated, high-impact marketing and advertising campaigns to segmented customer groups, as well as to non-customers of the Bank. Leveraging the on-screen video and graphics capabilities of new generation ATMs, campaigns can deliver promotional or discount coupons for a true multimedia experience. Promote also enables the delivery of the most relevant promotions and advertising based on the geographical position, or the location type, of the ATMs.

NCR APTRA™ Relate enables the delivery of personalized messages to customers, operating as a link between the back-end customer information system(s) and the consumer-facing self-service channel. Relate enables one-to-one communication over the ATM channel, thus featuring personalized content delivery (e.g. offering a specific retail banking product to a specific customer), including the definition of customers' favorite transaction amount and receipt options. This latter option yields up to 33% faster transaction times, shorter queues and, effectively, improved customer experience. Relate also features bilateral communication mode, thus enabling the capturing of important information on customers' preferences.


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