Digital signage and queue management

Redefining customer experience in the branch involves a lot more than next-generation ATMs. A solution that has proved itself in a number of retail environments is digital signage; and now banks are using this technology to reach their customers in-branch and deliver the right message at the right time.


Digital Signage allows banks: 

  • Deliver relevant messages and engage with their customers
  • Initiate meaningful conversations
  • Better manage digital signage properties 


When visiting the branch, customer have another experience: waiting. This is time not-well-spent, and is the perfect opportunity for the bank to step up and offer a more convenient solution.

Our experience in designing and manufacturing Queue and Customer management Systems has driven us to develop a highly configurable system with contemporary design, and a wide range of special features to satisfy any special demands.


Queue management allows banks to:

  • Reduce queue lines
  • Improve customer experience in the branch
  • Better manage customer flow 



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