Signing documents is something customers need to do a number of times as they interact with a bank, from depositing or withdrawing money to cashing out checks or applying for a loan. But this process adds friction, frustration and time to your customers. 

You can now change the way you interact with your customers when it comes to signing papers, making their experience seamless and positive. eSignature allows your customers to sign electronically skipping the multiple copies, printing and paper involved. Plus, their signature can be verified through biometrics (e.g. pressure on the pad, angle holding the pen) ensuring ultimate security in the process. 

Our experience in transaction automation solutions in the financial sector allows us to better understand your customer’s journey, as well as your business priorities. Thus, we are able to provide you with a legally compliant holistic solution that can be used in a number of processes and based on your customers’ requirements.

You can use e-signature in the branch, but they can also enable mobile signing in the field and send e-documents for signing to recipients externally (customers, partners) or internally (employees).

 Board  Cost reduction & Process Automation

 Eliminate cost for paper, printers, consumables

 Reduce costs for electricity, archiving, storage and transportation


Experience  Improve Customer Experience & Increase Security

 The customer is the in center of the process

 Dispatch documents by email without the danger of customer losing copies

 Increased security that eliminates fraud and forgery

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Unlocking your ATM Big Data

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