Teller cash recyclers (TCRs) and Teller Cash Dispensers (TCDs)

With vast experience, expertise and state of the art solutions from world leading partners Printec is delivering cash management technologies that are changing classic branches in to modern, open-space, reliable and cost efficient branches of the future – now.

Based on strategy and vision we deliver best solutions that significantly enhance business performance. Multi-vendor software manages to control world leading TCRs from NCR and Glory Global Solutions (ex-Talaris).

NCR Cash Recycler

The NCR Cash Recycler is a teller cash recycler that automates cash handling at the teller line. With eight Rolled Storage Modules, NCR teller cash recyclers are capable of accepting and dispensing numerous denominations and multiple currencies. Designed to improve the productivity of the teller's role, the NCR Cash Recycler speeds up transactions, reduces wait times and improves customer interaction.

The NCR Cash Recycler Pro is a teller cash recycler that automates cash handling at the teller line in any high volume location. Designed with your banks business needs in mind the NCR Cash Recycler Pro is capable of recycling multi-currency notes from 12 Rolled Storage Modules. It is the only teller cash recycler in the market to offer a greater, more flexible and usable cash capacity for recycling.

The NCR Cash Recycler 11 is a teller cash recycler that offers an increased capacity and enhanced speed of deposit that will considerably enhance the efficiency of your branch network. The Cash Recycler 11 significantly increases customer satisfaction by reducing wait times by up to 50%, allowing tellers to provide a more personal, as well as efficient service.

Aptra Cash Connect

NCR APTRA™ Cash Connect is a rich banking software solution offering either online or offline connectivity to Teller Assist Units such as cash recyclers, cash dispensers and coin dispensers.Keyfeatures:

  • Cash handling for withdrawals, deposits & exchanges (a combined withdrawal & deposit)
  • Multiple currencies and sets of denominations can be defined, along with different note mixes for withdrawals.
  • Enhancedbankingsoftwaresecurity
  • Transactionreceiptprinting
  • Reports providing totals and sub-totals by user, workstation or Teller Assist Unit
  • ComprehensiveSoftwareDevelopers'Kit

For use offline, APTRA Cash Connect has its own intuitive, easy to use teller application. As well as allowing tellers to perform various transactions, it also provides configuration, operational and maintenance management functions on the TAU.

For online integration, APTRA Cash Connect includes an extensive Software Developers Kit (SDK) that supports a range of software technologies and provides developers with a set of specially designed Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). In addition, the SDK comes complete with documentation, sample programs, test harnesses and test scripts to aid developers as much as possible.

Talaris Teller Cash Recycler

Vertera Teller Cash Recycler - The VerteraTM series builds directly on the reputation of the leading cash recycling system - the pioneering and highly acclaimed TCR Twin Safe. The Vertera, however, offers significantly enhanced banknote authentication, increased performance and the ability to drive down operational cost - all in a compact device that is easily incorporated into the branch. The Vertera delivers real business benefit at multiple levels and provides a comprehensive and integrated solution to address the demands of the customer, the teller and improvements in branch efficiency.

  • Provides a fast, efficient service for customers with fewer queues and a more personalised service that only a fully supported and attentive teller can provide.
  • Reduces monotonous and repetitive tasks as the Vertera provides a highly efficient and secure cash recycling solution. Advanced authentication and fitness sorting capabilities, ensuring a robust first line of defence for the bank branch.
    Authenticity detectors are configured by Glory to the specific currencies required and are configurable to customers' requirements.
  • Optimises branch business processes with deployment flexibility designed into the solution, virtually eliminating start-of-day and end-of-day set up activities, and providing a consolidated view of the branch cash holding.
    Compact design that provides the flexibility to fit seamlessly into the working environment, whether tellers are standing, sitting or mixed mode.
  • Fifth generation recycling technology providing trusted reliability and performance

Vertera 6G Teller Cash Recycler

Sixth generation solution, the Vertera 6G delivers a simple, flexible, comprehensive and integrated solution that addresses the real needs of customers and staff. Offering a unique combination of powerful features to transform customer relationships and drive profitable branch operations, the Vertera 6G represents a significant evolution in teller automation technology. Vertera 6Grepresents the current state-of-the-art in teller cash recycling - performance, reliability, user interface, and total execution, from operating principles through environmental sensitivity at all stages of manufacturing, transport and operation.
Our experience, expertise and complete support provision deliver a comprehensive, integrated, enterprise-wide solution to address many of the most pressing demands of the modern bank branch and their customers.

  • Ease of use
    • Simple design and intuitive layout
    • System ergonomics providing maximum user comfort
    • Large touch screen display, providing intelligent user information
  • Intelligent note handling
    • SDA II advanced authentication, identification and fitness
    • Simultaneous multi-currency detection.
    • Count function with value/fit/face/orient/counterfeit separation*
  • Flexible note storage and management
    • Flexible banknote storage options with variable capacity and size
    • Sorting and storage by note, fitness or orientation
    • Secure Transfer option: securely unload notes for re-use elsewhere*
  • Enhanced connectivity and integration
    • Native ethernet, USB and serial port options
    • Interface support for legacy Talaris connections

CashInsight Assure

Assure is the new benchmark in teller connectivity applications. It provides highly effective and efficient control of cash automation devices – for example handling primary cash transactions, deposits and withdrawals, journals and end-of-day balancing. Assure can be deployed in literally thousands of different combinations to fit your network strategy, software management methods and workstation designs, at your desired level of connectivity, project investment and on your deployment timeline.


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