Information Security

Information security has moved from a business cost to a business enabler. However, new threats and technologies are constantly and rapidly changing the network landscape. System administrators must scan the network continually for known security weaknesses, keep their skills current and, most important, re-examine corporate security policies periodically. Business processes can become obsolete within a year and it is highly possible that they will not match the organization's current needs.

With or without a legal requirement, organizations should still safeguard their sensitive information. Failure to protect customers' personal data means a loss in consumer confidence, which results in lost revenue and government fines. Regulations and laws are getting the attention of companies and forcing them to invest in information security initiatives, but don't be misled into thinking that regulations will provide total protection to your organizations’ data.

When it comes to information security, there's a lot of popular wisdom available, but much of it is unfounded and won't necessarily improve your organization's security. Only by cutting through the hype to separate reality from myth, can IT professionals help take their enterprises to the next level. Companies nowadays need to do more to improve their information security posture in the globalized business environment where the largest opportunities also carry the greatest risks.

By closely monitoring the latest developments in the IT industry and evaluating new products for suitability in our clients’ businesses, Printec focuses on improving the company’s value-added services to clients, in response to market needs and client requirements. More specifically Printec Information Security Portfolio provides customers with services and complete solutions in the area of networks and information security systems such as:

  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Best-of-breed Information Security Technologies
  • Information Security Compliance and Validation Services


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