ATM monitoring and network management

Supporting more than 20,000 ATMs in live operations in 12 countries, through a regional network of 95 service centers, Printec boasts the most extensive ATM self-service networks services coverage in SEE.

We strive to achieve ATM service lifecycle management (SLM) operational excellence, through a combination of highly skilled people (more than 500 customer services engineers), best practises and world-class software technology.

Either through solutions designed and developed by Printec, or working with our strategic partners, we help our customers improve their self-service networks availability, combining operational efficiencies with improved consumer service and better user experience.

Our top-of-the-line ATM management solution is NCR APTRA™ Vision, a multi-vendor self-service ATM monitoring and network management system that provides a complete and accurate view of ATM self-service networks, leveraging graphical dashboards which enable faster and more accurate decision making, leading to better timed and directed action.

Printec offers ATM monitoring technology either in the typical licensed model, or as a hosted service, or as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). The latter two options enable our customers to reduce costs, accelerate deployment and increase efficiencies, while focusing on their core business. With the SaaS or hosted services approach, new features/applications are quickly deployed across the self-service network, customer infrastructure and personnel costs are reduced, without compromising high application availability and IT security.


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