ATM security and regulatory compliance

The ATM is increasingly becoming a global target for crime, but Printec Group is working closely with market leaders in order to ensure integrity of self-service channel and stay ahead of the criminal.

Criminals always migrate to the weakest link. As they get smarter, skimming devices get smaller and harder to defeat and hard cash losses add up. But the reputation of a financial institution's brand and their customer's loyalty are absolutely priceless.

Card Skimming

ATM Skimming is getting increasingly sophisticated. Skimming devices are getting smaller and harder to detect and defeat. ATM skimming continues to evolve, and criminals are becoming more organized, migrating to the weakest link. Printec is offering solutions from best-in-class partners:

NCR Skimming Protection Solution

NCR's multi-layered approach to protecting card holder data at the ATM offers choice and flexibility in reducing risk and ranges from countermeasures such as the Fraudulent Device Inhibitor (FDI) with Jitter, integration and support of multi-vendor third party solutions to NCR's next generation active fraud prevention measures.

  • NCR Skimming Protection Solution (SPS) is an integrated and scalable anti-skimming security solution that helps financial institutions reduce risk and protect their ATM network against the very latest forms of attack.

TMD Security

  • Solutions from TMD security are multi-vendor with reference installations on more than 250.000 ATMs worldwide. With its unique track record TMD solution proven protection against Digital, Analogue and Stereo Skimming!

Card and Cash Trapping

Card Trapping is not new, but recently the number of incidents has risen significantly. There were 5, 394 incidents in 2013 according to EAST, an increase of 98% over the year before.

Card Trapping

  • Enhanced Shutter Security
    NCR card readers have a built in sensors that can detect if a fraudulent devise is keeping the shutter open and features that counter card trapping such as Enhanced Shutter Security (ESS).
  • Early Trap Activation Setting
    A configuration option in the card reader driver which enables the card reader to perform a partial eject motion on acceptance of a card. This setting ensures that the card eject path is not blocked by a card trap.

Cash Trapping

  • Cash Trap Inhibitor
    Provides a physical barrier to the cash dispenser to prevent insertions of cash traps used to capture cash.
  • Strengthened Shutter
    Added protection for Personas ATMs. The Enhanced Shutter proves 3X more resistance to forced opening and tampering.
  • Enhanced Present Sequence (EPS)
    EPS is a unique means of detecting and preventing Transaction Reversal Fraud (TRF) and includes sensor modules, tamper indicators, and data to assist in forensic investigation.
  • Dispenser Security
    NCR Self Serv® ATMs offer a unique security approach, specifically developed to protect the integrity of self-service in a USB environment.

Logical Attacks

  • Solidcore Suite for APTRA
    Solidcore Suite for APTRA is an innovative, complementary approach to protecting the security of the ATM for all Windows environments. With Solidcore Suite for APTRA. Only authorized code can run. Authorized code or memory cannot be tampered with. Authorized code cannot be hijacked.
  • Security for APTRA
    ATMs configured and implemented with NCR's Security for APTRA recommendations are locked down against the risks in today's environment, whether from a criminal at the ATM or through a network based attacks.
  • Personas Dispenser Encryption Enhancement
    Upgrade Personas ATMs with additional encryption to prevent against Black Box attacks.


PCI-PTS Compliance

  • Encrypted Pin Pads (EPP)
    NCR provides enhanced security via the Encrypting Pin Pad (EPP) solutions and Remote Key Management (RKM) – a secure, remote loading of a unique master encryption key for each ATM at installation or reset.

PCI –DSS Compliance

PA-DSS Validated Applications

  • Security for APTRA
    ATMS configured and implemented with NCR's Security for APTRA recommendations are locked down against the risks in today's environment, whether from a criminal at the ATM or through network based attacks
  • Solidcore Suite for APTRA
    is an innovative, complementary approach to the future proofing the security of the ATM for all Windows environments with Solidcore Suite for APTRA where only authorized code can run, authorized code or memory cannot be tampered with and the authorized code cannot be hijacked.
  • SSL

EMV Compliance

  • Card reader upgrades
    • All NCR SelfServ ATMs delivered since Jan 2011 are EMV hardware compliant (EMV Level 1).
    • For DIP card reader upgrades, NCR has kits available for both SelfServ and Personas ATM.
    • For motorized card readers, NCR has upgrade kits available for IMCRW card readers for SelfServ and Personas ATMs
  • EMV Migration Consulting
  • Not sure what to do or how to get there? We are your trusted Security consultant.


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