Mobile Out-of-Band Strong Authentication

Secure Call Suite leverages from the inherent security features of the GSM/UMTS network to authenticate the user and securely transmit information and instructions. The addition of the trusted mobile channel enables complete Out-of-Band (OOB) strong authentication solution based on web & mobile channels.

SecureCall Authorization is a solution that allows your cell phone to become a physical TOKEN to enable and certify personal credentials during online sensitive transactions (login or dispositive commands).

  • SecureCall Authorization can be adopted for:
    • Authenticating the users to enter a restricted area
    • Authorize online transactions
    • Activate mobile payment solutions
  • SecureCall Authorization is a user friendly strong authorization process built on:
    • Two factors (PC and cell phone)
    • Dual channel (web + GSM/UMTS network)

SecureCall Authorization, by adding an additional security level, can effectively prevent the most advanced techniques for IT malicious attacks (phishing, MIM/MIB, Spoofing, etc.)

SecureCall Sign is a state of the art technology using a common cell phone as a security token to authenticate and digitally sign any electronic document remotely.

  • SecureCall Sign can assure the use of qualified signature:
    • Integrity: to assure that the document has not been modified after the digital signature
    • Authenticity: to assure signer's identity
    • Non Repudiation: signer cannot deny its signature
    • Legal value: any electronic document digitally signed has the same legal validity of the hard copy with a wet signature

Secure Pay is an innovative remote mobile payment technology aiming to increase the security and the user experience for wireless payments while setting low entry level requirements on technology, thus facilitating adoption. The cell phone is fundamental in making secure and versatile remote mPayments.

  • Main Secure Pay application modules:
    • Secure Pay WEB for eCommerce transaction
    • Secure Pay POS for in store transaction
    • Secure Pay SHOP for remote transaction
    • Secure Pay P2P for money transfer transaction


  • Rapid subscriber adoption due to low technological complexity
  • Easy to deploy and distribute
  • Carrier independent
  • Handset independent
  • Innovative financial enabling tool
  • Flexible and scalable


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