Web & Media Optimization and Monetization

The Harmony Mobile Internet Services Gateway from Flash Networks improves subscriber Quality of Experience (QoE) and at the same time optimizes mobile data traffic, thus reducing capacity requirements and operational expenses.
Through Web & Video Optimization and LTE Acceleration, Harmony Mobile Internet Services Gateway enables operators to increase their ARPU. Furthermore the Gateway empowers operators to generate new revenue streams from existing infrastructure; the latter is achieved through Monetization & Content Control offerings.

Web & Media Optimization

User demand is driving a substantial increase in Video Traffic while at the same time Operators are facing technical and business challenges – reducing costs, raising QoE, and monetizing mobile video services.

Harmony Video Optimization improves the quality of experience while also providing CAPEX and OPEX savings; this is achieved through media caching and protocol optimization techniques.

Employing the industry's most advanced and cost-effective video optimization tools, Harmony Video Optimization can reduce video object size by up to 40% - while maintaining excellent user QoE.

Leveraging on these tools, mobile operators can offer video and other data services that meet the expectations of the most demanding subscribers.

Furthermore, Harmony Web Optimization applies a full suite of content optimization techniques to web and file downloads, accelerating page download time by up to 5 times.

Indicatively, Harmony optimization enables improved network efficiency, by up to 50% in reduction of traffic in the radio and mobile backhaul, 30% of transit links, and offloads radio resources by 30%.

The solution is also accompanied by an advanced reporting system, which improves traffic management, facilitates capacity planning, and enhances future network design.

Monetization & User Engagement

Being content aware, the Harmony Gateway is ideally suited to offer users targeted and engaging content, thus enabling operators to generate new revenue streams through personalized campaigns while also improving user experience.
Promoted content, targeted advertising and real-time account updates, amongst other features, are provided through a discrete web toolbar, an in-browser and customizable floating layer serving as the real-time user engagement tool. The operator has the flexibility to offer Opt-out campaigns hence ensuring user consent.


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