Printec Group is the prime provider of Transaction Automation solutions in Central and Eastern Europe, offering a wide range of ICT solutions tailored to the needs of financial institutions, petrol companies, large retailers, telecom operators, as well as service providers and government organizations in 17 countries.

Printec’s technology is the force behind integrated IT solutions that improve human interactions, making everyday life easier; from cash transactions via ATMs, to card transactions, self-service solutions and more, hundreds of organizations in Europe meet and exceed their customers’ expectations, while at the same time optimize their operations creating cost efficiencies.

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As one of the fastest growing Information Technology companies and an important Systems Integrator with extensive experience in complex projects in Central and Eastern Europe, Printec group assists customers generate more revenue and create cost efficiencies quickly by designing, developing, implementing and supporting technologies and solutions that improve human interactions. Printec’s solutions enable our customers to provide end users with the necessary technology that makes their everyday life easier. At the same time, through the use of self-service solutions, organizations worldwide can save costs and improve customer satisfaction.

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