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INETCO Insight ®

INETCO Insight® is real-time transaction management software used by IT operations and support teams to monitor the performance of transactions across all self-service channels and core banking environments. A highly scalable solution, INETCO Insight combines transaction profiling capabilities, application performance management and end-user experience monitoring for a complete, enterprise-wide view into complex banking and payment processing environments.

Gain the full end-to-end visibility you need to safely deploy an omnichannel banking strategy, efficiently manage complex IT infrastructures, and oversee your exploding growth in digital and e-payment transactions.

Improve profitability

  • Gain one-stop visibility into all self-service and middleware messaging transactions
  • Leverage your monitoring investment across multiple channels and operations teams
  • Get customized ATM and cash management statistics to make better business decisions

Reduce operational support costs

  • Experience 65-75% faster isolation of transaction slowdowns, time outs and failures
  • Improve first call resolution rates
  • Reduce the number of lost communications and no fault found service calls

Deliver an amazing customer experience

  • Reduce failed consumer interactions and slowdowns by 25%
  • Improve uptime and availability across all self-service channels
  • Reduce the number of customer reported incidents


INETCO Analytics ™

INETCO Analytics makes it easy for channel managers and operations teams to understand how customers use their self-service devices and digital banking applications. With on-demand access to transaction data, financial institutions can identify new ways to acquire new customers, deliver more value to existing ones, and enhance profitability through better device placement and service offerings. You can also move one step closer to delivering a true omnichannel banking experience by ensuring customers can complete their transactions as expected, across all your channels.

Cultivate an exceptional customer experience

  • Access rich records of every customer transaction
  • Deliver more value to top customers and identify new acquisition opportunities
  • Identify opportunities to improve queues, wait times and transaction sequences

Adopt data-driven customer engagement strategies

  • Analyze transaction mix profitability by channel, device segment and down to individual self-service locations
  • Improve the placement and service offerings of various devices and banking applications
  • Manage cash positions for each device, and assess the impact of any failures or outages

Speed up your reporting cycles

  • Perform on-demand reporting and ad hoc queries
  • Continuously update and refresh your customer transaction data
  • Blend transaction data with complementary data such as BIN ranges, demographics or competitive information


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