SMS Firewall & Consolidate Messaging

Within the Messaging area, our partner Symsoft offers a consolidated messaging solution, where MMSC, USSD and SMS can run on the same system/hardware for a cost efficient solution, thus offering charging and messaging products that are leading in terms of flexibility and easily integrated in existing telecom environments. Focusing on the immediate market need for reducing A2P messaging revenue loss, the answer is the SMS Firewall SW solution from Symsoft.

Messaging is an important part of MNO revenues, coming up to 25% in some cases. Application-to-Person messaging (A2P) is growing from 25% of messaging revenues 2010 to over 40% in 2015. A2P traffic is generated from transport providers (e.g. ticket confirmation), banking (e.g. OTP & Alerts), and customer care or brand marketing campaigns.

Global bulk messaging however is threatening to ruin the A2P business by exploiting least cost routes for the delivery of their messages. There can be different unpaid routes into a network. Either through external operators (mixing with P2P traffic) where operator termination cost agreements may have not been set up yet, or through what is known as SIM farms for batch delivery of SMS, exploiting volume purchase agreements of P2P offers.

Content providers (or more correctly their aggregator or application service provider) take advantage of the lower tariffs on the Global routes ("backdoors") where available. This traffic today represents a lost revenue opportunity, where content providers are willing to pay a full revenue share that today stops at the external network or aggregator.

Introduction of a proper firewall will stop the illicit traffic, keeping the channel clean and protecting the value of A2P SMS. It will also block "free-riding" content traffic, forcing it to move to the operators' A2P gateway or SMSC or via channels with AA19 Interconnect agreements, thus increasing the operators' revenue significantly.

Our SMS Firewall Solution enables operators to deal with unwanted A2P SMS traffic such as Spoofing, Faking, Flooding, Spamming, and Malware while also blocking the revenue leakage from grey routes & SIM farms.


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