Printec Group Environmental Policy Statement

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Printec aims to reduce the environmental impact of its operations and products and promote environmental sustainability enabling the long-term success and sustainability of its own business and of its clients’ businesses by:

  • Focusing on improving the energy-efficient performance of our products
  • Seeking for continuous improvement in energy efficiency and emissions reductions from our operations.

Energy Efficient Products

Printec designs, introduces and implements solutions that enable the reduction of the environmental impact.

For its own operations, Printec has already implemented the Printec Watch4 family of products which enable the remote management of the hardware & software that are under service contracts.

The Watch4 Family of remote management solutions enable organizations to remotely monitor their hardware & software solutions (ATMs, EFT/PoSes, Payment Kiosks) and enable online/remote issues’ resolution, considerably reducing on-site service visits.


Energy footprint

We strive monitor our energy footprint and have established policies to reduce it. We focus on reducing carbon emissions by minimizing unnecessary travel as much as possible. We’re working on initiatives to manage air travel through the use of collaboration tools, we encourage our people to use mass transit or carpool to work. We reduce the energy consumption in our offices by creating awareness around the use of electricity in all our office facilities.


Printec Group is fully aligned with the most recent EU waste management policies, aiming to reduce the environmental impacts of waste and achieve much higher levels of recycling.


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