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Human Resources

Printec Group has managed to create and sustain a supportive working environment which embraces diversity and encourages openness, team work and loyalty and has consistently invested in personnel training and career development plans. In this constant effort to maintain these attributes, Printec engages in specific activities and initiatives:

  • Employee Development : Printec offers a wide range of product and skills training courses that develop our employees for their current role and prepare them for greater responsibility
  • Printec Business School: aims to provide the necessary managerial & leadership skills to the company’s Middle Management level employees.
  • A philosophy for geographical and organizational mobility: Printec encourages employee’s interdepartmental & geographical mobility by creating flexible structures that support and promote movements across functions and countries. Additionally, by creating regional positions, the company also provides career development opportunities to mid-level employees.
  • Financial Support for employee post graduate degrees: Printec has always provided financial support to high potential employees who wish to continue their post graduate studies.
  • Diversity & equal opportunity workplace: Printec Group’s 800+ highly skilled professionals are located in 17 countries. All subsidiaries are 100% locally staffed, creating an environment that embraces diversity in terms of geography. Furthermore, there is a high percentage of women in top management: 3 out of 8 executives in the executive management team are women (37.5%), and 3 out 15 country managers are women (20%).