Real-time alerting and transactions monitoring

Retail banking and payment processing networks play host to an “always on” data source consumer transactions.

Each transaction that travels across an ATM, POS, Mobile Banking, Internet Banking or Messaging Middleware environment contains revealing information on what the customer is experiencing, how networks and applications are responding, and what the business value of each transaction is from a revenue or service perspective.

Most banks and payment processors know transaction data holds great value when it comes to improving customer experience, speeding up problem isolation and ensuring the highest possible service availability. But the cost and effort to retrieve, consolidate and understand this data should not exceed the benefits.



Customer Experience

Deliver an amazing customer experience. Reduce failed consumer interactions and slowdowns by 25%.


Reduce operational support costs.

Experience 65-75% faster isolation of transaction slowdowns, time outs and failures; Improve first call resolution rates; Reduce the number of lost communications and no fault found service calls.


Improve profitability

Gain one-stop visibility into all self-service and middleware messaging transactions; Leverage your monitoring investment across multiple channels and operations teams; Get customized ATM and cash management statistics to make better business decisions.

Product Information

INETCO Insight® is a proven software platform that provides real-time monitoring for transactions spanning all your self-service channels and messaging middleware environments. A highly scalable solution, INETCO Insight combines transaction profiling capabilities, application performance analytics and end-user experience monitoring for a complete, enterprise-wide view into complex banking and payment processing environments. What makes INETCO Insight® unique is the ability to capture and correlate multi-protocol transactions across multiple hops, while operating independently of the underlying application being monitored.

NCR Aptra Vision is a multi-vendor self-service ATM management system which improves network availability, drives better consumer service, improving revenue generation, while reducing costs. You will get faster and more accurate decisions, leading to better timed and directed action.


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