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Community Engagement

Social engagement activities prioritize in the areas where the company can have the greatest impact. By leveraging on its regional presence and people skills, Printec contributes either in cash donations or by encouraging employees to volunteer their time to support organizations in their communities with emphasis in:

  • Education and entrepreneurship
  • Aiding vulnerable social groups

Education & Entrepreneurship

Our success depends on the availability of skilled workers, a strong technology ecosystem, and knowledgeable customers. Printec collaborates with non-profits, and NGOs and supports education programs which empower young people to realize their full potential providing them with education, employment and entrepreneurship opportunities.

Junior Achievement Greece

Printec Group is a sponsor of the Junior Achievement – Young Enterprise,  a not-for profit organization and Europe’s largest provider of entrepreneurship education programs, bringing  the public and  private  sectors  together  to  provide  young  people  in  primary  and  secondary  schools  and  early  university with  high-quality  education  programs  to  teach  them  about  enterprise,  entrepreneurship,  business  and  economics in a practical way.

For four consecutive years, Printec employees have been participating in JA Greece’s training programs “Virtual Enterprise” “Enterprise in Action” and “Job Shadow Day”,  which take place in Greek primary and secondary educational under the supervision of the Ministry of Education.

Printec apprenticeship Program

Printec has established an apprenticeship program with special focus in locations with SW development operations. In collaboration with Technical Schools & Universities Printec has developed a  scheme  that  optimizes  the  use  of  the  apprentice  for  the company’s operations and the skills development of the apprentice.

Aiding vulnerable social groups

The company seeks to extend its support to various NGOs, addressing social issues and aiding vulnerable social groups and individuals.

Printec Volunteer Day

Printec Group empowers its employees to serve their communities by volunteerism and providing aid to community service projects.

Each year Printec subsidiaries in the region set specific dates where employees spend the day volunteering in their communities.

These days provide an opportunity for Printec people to put their passion, determination, and skills to use for the benefit of their communities, and make a difference in the communities they serve. They provide skills-based volunteering and a helping hand to hundreds of not-for-profit organizations where they share their knowledge and expertise

The following NGOs have been included in the Group’s fund raising activities, donations and volunteering projects: