Printec Group announces that it enters into a strategic partnership with SenseOne, an innovative enterprise Internet of Things (IoT) vendor. Printec sees SenseOne as an emerging IoT player that can make the concept of Internet of Things in buildings a reality. The partnership aims at launching SenseOne’s primary offering, buildingSense SaaS in several key market verticals across South Eastern Europe, including: Retail, Banking, Information Technology, Healthcare, Facilities Management, and the Public sector. To provide an idea of the “Internet of Things in buildings (BIoT)” opportunity, the global market is projected to rise from $20Bn in 2014 to over $80Bn in 2020 according to independent industry analysts.

SenseOne has significant technology and business know-how in how meters/sub meters, control equipment, sensors and analytics of real-time Big Data can provide owners and tenants of commercial buildings with knowledge in their effort to break and monetize efficiency data silos. Specifically, buildingSense SaaS collects granular data from numerous metering points and applies machine-learning algorithms which allow for (a) the online observation of resource-consuming processes, (b) the ongoing detection of actionable usage patterns, (c) the optimization of resource usage through real-time monitoring, control and management of building’s equipment and (d) the functional integration between buildings assets, meters/sub meters, equipment, sensors and Enterprise Applications Systems (ERP, CRM, BI, EAM etc.). buildingSense SaaS is built on SenseOne’s proprietary open source, cloud-based IoT platform and saves large enterprise customers 10% to 30% in annual building’s resource costs, including: electricity, gas, water, and building’s equipment.

“For the past 27 years, Printec has facilitated and led the introduction of self-service and electronic payments technologies in Central and South Eastern Europe. We are proud to have deployed on the field, and to be supporting in live operations, more than 300,000 devices, enabling fast and secure consumer interactions across different channels and various market sectors. Introducing BIoT in SEE, in tandem with SenseOne, will allow our customers to take process automation and real time information transfer one step further”, said Vassilis Mathioudakis, Group Solutions Development Director, Printec Group. “Our aim is to closely work with our customers in the region, in order to help them unlock operational efficiencies, reduce energy consumption, achieve sustainability goals, and effectively optimize their financial performance”.

About SenseOne Technologies (
SenseOne is an innovative Buildings Internet-of-Things company that develops software for unlocking efficiency potential and reducing operating costs in commercial buildings. The company has received the “Business IT Excellence Award 2014-Best energy efficiency software award” for implementing its primary offering, buildingSense SaaS at a leading food retailer in Southeast Europe and the “2015 Environmental Silver award” for implementing buildingSense at a major non-food retailer in Greece and in Cyprus.