About Cash and Coin Handling

Cash handling is one of the most important tasks for many people working in the financial or retail industry, and reducing the time of the task while improving security can bring on a number of operational improvements for any business. At the same time, professionals across industries struggle with managing the cash received while doing business with customers, as cash transportation is not only expensive, but risky as well.

Working with world leading partners, we offer solutions like Teller Cash Recyclers (TCRs) or Teller Cash Dispensers (TCDs), counters and sorters, mass coin deposits, smart safes and cash acceptance devices.



Customer Experience

Deliver an exceptional customer experience

Not only will your customers be serviced faster, but you can guarantee they have a safe, error-free transaction.


Increase your operational efficiency

Work faster and smarter, and let technology do all the hard work associated with cash.


Increased security for you and your customers

Don’t let cash be the reason for insecurity. Receiving, transporting and depositing cash has never been safer.

Cash and Coin Handling Product Information

There are a number of different solutions for cash and coin handling, ranging from Teller Cash Recyclers to cash managment solutions and more.


NCR Cash Recycler

The NCR Cash Recycler is a teller cash recycler that automates cash handling at the teller line. With eight Rolled Storage Modules, NCR teller cash recyclers are capable of accepting and dispensing numerous denominations and multiple currencies. Designed to improve the productivity of the teller's role, the NCR Cash Recycler speeds up transactions, reduces wait times and improves customer interaction.

Aptra Cash Connect

NCR APTRA™ Cash Connect is a rich banking software solution offering either online or offline connectivity to Teller Assist Units such as cash recyclers, cash dispensers and coin dispensers. Key features:

• Cash handling for withdrawals, deposits and exchanges (a combined withdrawal and deposit)

• Multiple currencies and sets of denominations can be defined, along with different note mixes for withdrawals.

• Enhanced banking softwares ecurity

• Transaction receipt printing

• Reports providing totals and sub-totals by user, workstation or Teller Assist Unit

• Comprehensive Software Developers' Kit

Teller Cash Recycler

Glory’s Vertera Teller Cash Recycler builds directly on the reputation of the leading cash recycling system - the pioneering and highly acclaimed TCR Twin Safe. The Vertera, however, offers significantly enhanced banknote authentication, increased performance and the ability to drive down operational cost - all in a compact device that is easily incorporated into the branch. It delivers real business benefit at multiple levels and provides a comprehensive and integrated solution to address the demands of the customer, the teller and improvements in branch efficiency.

SmartPay MassCoin Deposit

A unique solution for businesses that mainly accept coins. MassCoin is a secure, easy to use device that can accept up to 70,000 coins, making coin deposit easy and without waiting lines.

SS4N (Smart Safe 4 Notes)

SS4N (Smart Safe 4 Notes) is a connected safe, ideal for back-office cash deposit for retailers and wholesalers. It is extremely easy to use, as deposits can be made with the use of any bank card, while cash is instantly credited to the selected account. SS4N can also send notifications on its current capacity, in order for cash transfer to be arranged in time.


CashDro is a smart cash drawer that can accept cash instead of a cashier. It can count, give change, accept card payments, and print receipts. An ideal solution for small businesses that allow the staff to serve more customers while payments are being taken care of, with the security and speed that today’s customers expect.

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