About our Fleet Management System

Our Watch4FMS allows businesses to better manage their fleet cards and fuel expenses, spending less time in paperwork and more in forecasting and generating efficiencies, while keeping their employees happy.

The solution includes a fleet card, a POS terminal and a software platform (PaaS) that gives end-to-end visibility of the fleet’s expenses and provides real-time analytics to all related parties such as the petrol company, the station owners, the company and the driver.

With our fleet card management system Watch4FMS all transactions are easy, fast and secure. Access to data is real-time, and processing and reporting can be a matter of seconds instead of days.



Customer Experience

Increase your customers’ satisfaction

An easy to use system that allows your customers to refuel at a wide network with speed and convenience.


Improve your operations

Our system gives total control in real-time, with on the spot authorization of transactions and reporting that allows for better management of resources.


Increased security

Based on our long experience in the financial industry, we have created a system that is secure and certified to the latest financial standards.

Product Information

An easy way to manage your fleet’s fuel costs.

Watch 4FMS is an all-in solution for corporate fleets that connects the driver, the company and the petrol station to further automate both payments and data access.

With our fleet card management system Watch4FMS, you can:

Spend less time for reports, and get more accurate data

Use it practically anywhere with thousands of stations enrolled

Get real-time access to your expenses through our web portal

Set limits on value, types of products and time

Secure your transactions based on banking standards (real time authorization of transaction)

Get one invoice per company (instead of per driver*)

Cross-check invoice amounts, numbers and products and minimize time and errors

Get helpdesk support any day, any time

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