What is an Outdoor Payment Terminal?

Outdoor Payment Terminals (OPTs) allow your customers to have a self-service option for faster and secure transactions.

For petrol stations, this can mean that the customers can refuel and pay without the need of staff; this in turn means that you can re-allocate your staff in more demanding services, but also that you can operate for extended hours, servicing better your customers.



Customer Experience

Deliver an exceptional customer experience

They now have a convenient and fast way to refuel and pay, diminishing waiting times. The increased functionality and card payment options (including fuel cards) make it easy for customers to use the OPTs.
Extend operating hours

Extend your operating hours

You can now operate 24/7, without the need for staff on site.


Increase your operational efficiency

You now need less space for more sales; this, combined with the extended hours of operation will help you improve your operational efficiency from day one.

Product Information

OPTs are the perfect solution for petrol stations, offering full functionality with extended card payment options, while taking up minimum space.


  • 10” Touchscreen TFT color display
  • Card Reader (credit, debit, fleet, prepaid)
  • Contactless Reader
  • RFID Reader
  • Industrial PC
  • Heavy-duty outdoor printer
  • Ergonomic modular design
  • Fully customized configuration
  • Certified Pin-Pad and credit card acceptor with PCI-PED security and EMV 


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