What is a Self Service Kiosk?

Today’s consumers are used to taking matters into their own hands. The digital revolution has helped a great deal towards this direction, and self-service technology - including payments - has come to accommodate this behavioral change.

Our Self-Service Kiosk solutions allow your customers to ask for information, as well as perform a wide range of transactions (such as banking transactions and payments), while your employees will have more time to engage in higher-value interactions. Our secure safe product line, SS4N, allows for real-time cash deposit from the point of sale.

For banks, deploying self-service channels and solutions is an essential step towards meeting the needs of their customers. Not only does self-service provide a convenient way for customers to perform a number of tasks, elevating their experience of interacting with the bank, but it also helps the bank achieve significant efficiencies in the time and effort of their people in the branch.

For retailers, self-service services and payments can open up more possibilities for higher-margin selling. Why have your people engaged in transactional activities when they can spend their time selling profitable products and services to your customers? Additionally, you can stand out from your competition by offering additional services and channels to your own customers.



Customer Experience

Increase your customers’ satisfaction

Now your customers can do more, in less time and with no hustle.

Increase your operational efficiency

Your people can now work smarter, by focusing on value-adding communication and service to your customers.


Reliability and availability

A channel’s success is directly related to its availability. Make sure you have reliable kiosks as well as the skills and responsiveness you need from your maintenance services.

Product Information

There are a number of different types of Self Service Kiosks:

  • SmartPay (Lobby and Through The Wall): allowing for various monetary and card transactions
  • SmartPay Cashless: for fast, cashless transactions
  • Pre-paid card dispenser: conveniently dispenses the card and the PIN
  • Passbook printer: allows for quick update of the passbook without the need of a teller