What is a Smart Vending Machine?

We all use vending machines in our everyday lives; usually they are a convenient way to get access to water, coffee, soft drinks, snacks and small items for sale. But the usual form of the vending machine can only support small items without any special requirements in terms of size or temperature, plus they usually come as cash-only.

As self-service becomes more important to consumers, the need for the next-generation, smart vending machines has emerged. Vending machines that can operate 24/7, and provide items that can be of various sizes, or that need specific conditions – such as a stable temperature – to be preserved and sold. Additionally, they need to be able to accept card payments, and not only cash.

A smart vending machine can be used (among others) by:

  • Postal offices and courier services for package delivery
  • Pharmaceutical companies and pharmacies for OTC products
  • Super markets and mini markets for daily necessities



Customer Experience

Satisfy your customers

Extending your physical network as well as your servicing hours will make your customers happy.

Extend your operating hours

You can now operate 24/7, having your most popular products available to your customers.


Increase your sales and profitability

You can now keep selling after your store is closed, adding to your daily sales and profits.

Vending Machines Information

There are a number of different types of Smart Vending machines, with different features, such as:

  • A range of temperatures that can be stabilized according to the products’ needs
  • Various product sizes
  • Safe transfer to the delivery chamber, able to accommodate even sensitive products
  • Payment can be with cash and / or card
  • The smart vending machine can be branded


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