What is the Virtual Teller Station?

Virtual Teller Station systems and solutions are tomorrow’s customer service, today.

It is a multi-function station that allows a live connection with remote tellers and can deliver all the transactions you perform through your tellers today: from cash deposits and withdrawals, to opening a new account, payments, statement printing, application for cards or loans, and cheque deposit; customers can get what they need with speed and convenience.

And we can provide our Virtual Teller Station solutions anywhere: in your existing or new branches, in a mall, even at an airport; you can extend your hours and points of customer service without sacrificing any functionality or customer experience.

The Virtual Teller Station (VTS) features a large touch screen for the video connection with the teller, and all the additional functionality needed to perform any transaction, such as: scanner, printer, telephone, and more. This way any transaction is possible.



Customer Experience

Deliver an amazing customer experience

Give your customers the control they want, while extending your service hours and network.

Boost your operational efficiency

There is no need to have dedicated tellers within each branch; with the VTS you can have remote tellers that can service any customer, from any location, any time. This way, you can create smaller and more efficient branches that can help more customers with less resources.


Lift your profits

Delivering a great customer experience can lead to a customer that is happy to do more business with you. At the same time, you are maximizing the efficiency of your resources to achieve better profitability.

Product Information

The VTS can support a number of different transactions, such as:

  • Cash deposits
  • Cash withdrawals
  • Web banking transactions
  • Applications for cards/accounts/loans
  • Utility payments via cash & card
  • Government payments
  • Statements
  • Contracts
  • Mobile Top-Up
  • FX
  • Cheque deposits