Whether traveling for business or pleasure, today’s traveler has high expectations when it comes to convenience and self-service.

They expect to be able to find the right information the moment they need it. They want to do more on their own, without having to wait in queues in order to be serviced. And they presume all equipment will be up and running, enabling them to move to the next part of their trip.

Today, airports need to provide a seamless experience for all passengers, increase their customer satisfaction, but at the same time secure their operational efficiency and reduce their costs.

As a leading solutions and services provider for over a quarter of a century, Printec Group delivers turnkey solutions specifically designed to meet the requirements of our clients. From the provision of CUTE terminal infrastructure and self-check-in kiosks down to automated boarding gates, Printec helps airports ensure a superior passenger experience. Additionally, our end-to-end IT Service Management offering allows airports to operate at an optimum level, ensure service availability, meet SLA targets and optimize expenses.