Operating in a highly competitive environment, Retailers worldwide focus on improving the services they provide to their customers, and at the same time are seeking of ways to improve their operational efficiencies.  This means that, under the current market circumstances of financial downturn and low consumption levels, the highest level of differentiation will derive from the improvement of customer experience within the retail store, combined with a simultaneous reduction of operational expenses.

Technology, in this context, is the big enabler as it can assist Retailers to achieve the above objectives. Printec Group provides self-service solutions to Retail organizations in Central and Eastern Europe. The challenge that Retail organizations face today is how they will incorporate these new technologies in their outlets, a process which will offer pioneers a significant competitive advantage by creating a new level of customer experience.

Printec Group’s Retail management hardware and software solutions are designed to drive Retailers’ business forward with fully integrated Point of Sale, Store Operations, and Back-Office applications.

Transforming retail business through the use of innovative solutions aiming at building customer loyalty through enhanced customer contact experiences, Printec’s  In-store solutions enable Retailers to boost sales by influencing purchasing decisions and customer behavior. Additionally, optimizing back-office operations through industry leading software designed to streamline processes while allowing the personal and local flavor required in order to cover specific company requirements, is part of what Printec solutions can do for Retailers today.

Our extensive and vertical knowledge of retail operations is what makes us different!