With more than 500 specialized repair and maintenance engineers and support specialists in a wide network of 100+ service points, Printec Group’s customer services provide high-quality services in an unparalleled geographical footprint.

Throughout our region, Printec’s repair and maintenance engineers and support specialists are dedicated to assist customers with a variety of activities enabling them to increase efficiencies and reduce service and repairs.

Satisfying customer requirements in achieving their business goals has always been the focus of Printec’s customer services network expansion strategy. This extensive network of more than 100 customer services centers has evolved in order to cover customers’ needs and is the result of a deep understanding of the broader context of the current and potential markets in which Printec operates.

Printec’s approach to Customer Services focuses on the concept of the Single point of accountability that manages every aspect of the services.

  • Help Desk/Service Desk
    Incidents acceptance from Bank’s Help Desk or directly from authorized site. Incidents can be logged
    • Via Printec’s Incident Management System (W4IMS) which allows incident recording either via client’s staff or through on-line integration with client’s systems
    • Via phone
    • Via e-mail
    • Via fax
  • Dedicated ATM Help Desk agents and Service Desk professionals
  • Incident handling process:
    • All requests handled via W4 IMS system
    • Full tracking of call progress
    • Escalation procedure
    • Incident update with log time, resolution time, and field engineer report
  • Spare Parts Management
    • Availability of parts in order to achieve desired SLAs
    • Availability of parts in order to perform non-standard repairs e.g. due to vandalism
  • Monthly reporting:
    • Log of incidents
    • Total call volume
    • SLA achievement
  • Incident Analysis:
    • Analyze to identify systemic issues across the installed base
    • Develop recommendations and drive implementation
    • Provide report/data to implementation teams


Technical Support Services

Printec’s philosophy is to design the various models of technical support, based on customers’ requirements, but also to lever Printec’s vast experience in order to design the optimum solution. Coverage and Response/Fix times are tailored to customer needs and include various options:

  • Days of the Week: Mon. – Fri.; Mon. – Sat.; – Sun
  • Hours of the Day:  08:00–17:00; 08:00–20:00; 08:00–24:00; 24x4h
  • Response Time: Next Business Day, 4-hour, 2-hour
  • Restoration Time: 6-hour; 8-hour; NBD

Given Printec’s vast experience in the area of transaction automation Printec has developed specific packages of services:


EFT/POS Services

  • Application development, testing & customization
  • Terminal Installation and merchant training
  • Technical support, preventive maintenance & repair
  • Merchant Hot Line
  • Remote Terminal Management
  • S/w downloading
  • Secure Key injection
  • Reporting
  • Equipment Leasing



  • Application development, testing & customization
  • Installation (site preparation, installation & testing)
  • Technical support, preventive maintenance & repair
  • Monitoring & Remote Management
  • Reporting
  • Cash Management & Forecasting
  • Equipment Leasing


IT Service Management

  • Analysis and Implementation of ITIL compliant Service Desk processes
  • Implementation of ITIL compliant Service Desk Tool
  • IT Equipment Asset Tracking and Configuration Management.
  • Implementation of end –user IT service portal
  • Help Desk
  • On-site IT Equipment Support and Maintenance
  • Spare parts Management