About Cash Forecasting and Optimization.

Cash is the lifeline of every business. For financial institutions, it’s never been more important to predict, manage and optimize the cash flow. Providing an adequate supply of currency to meet customer needs is a continual challenge.

Running out of cash at an ATM or overstocking currency means reduced revenue from lost surcharge fees, increased expenses due to emergency currency deliveries or that banks can't invest this non-earning asset to generate interest income.



Customer Experience

Deliver an exceptional customer experience

Be always ready to provide your customers with cash when they need it most.


Increase your operational efficiency

Take action before you need to tackle a problem. Forecasting and prediction models can make sure you do not face cash outages.

Decision Making

Make more informed decisions

Avoid working with averages and get precise information on the cash position and demand forecast for each of your cash points.

Cash Management Product Information

NCR APTRA Cash Management is designed to efficiently and cost-effectively handle all aspects of the complex cash management rocess. It impacts all factors related to cash management including forecasting, cost balancing, ordering, monitoring, expense tracking and more. NCR APTRA is an advanced cash management solution that predicts the demand for currency at each cash point on an individual basis. By applying sophisticated mathematical algorithms to historical, event and cost data, the optimum cash position and delivery schedule for each cashpoint is determined.

Precision network cash position analysis. Avoid the trap of working with averages and instead get information on the cash position and demand forecast for each individual cash point. This provides the level of visibility and granularity needed for true system optimization.

Take action before a cash outage occurs. Rules and thresholds can be set for each individual cash point, so if the difference between actual cash levels and predicted levels exceeds a prescribed threshold, the system will issue a pre-emptive alert.

Improve consumer service and reduce costs. Simply knowing the cash position of an individual cash point can help operators ensure that an out-of-cash situation does not occur. Advance knowledge of a potential shortage provides the opportunity to handle the situation in a non-emergency fashion, helping to reduce costs and maintain higher levels of consumer service.

Reduce cash requirements and delivery costs. Accurate forecasting leads to a reduction in the amount of cash required in the network, a reduction in the number of cash deliveries and an overall reduction in the cost of the whole cash supply chain.


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