About EFT POS terminals and Pinpads

Printec offers EFT-POS solutions that can meet the needs of a number of different businesses and industry sectors, enabling them to provide credit/debit card payments.

Following the regulations of PCI and cards’ schemas, the terminals are combined with Printec's payment application based on proprietary EMV kernel technology.



Customer Experience

Increase your customers’ satisfaction

A range of solutions with the latest technology, exceeding customer expectations.

Extend your operations

Using EFT-POS terminals in kiosks and outdoor solutions can provide unattended payment capabilities for self-service solutions.


Increased security

Following all security mandates, our EFT-POS solutions are a safe payment channel for consumers and merchants alike.

Product Information

There are a number of different types of EFT-POS terminals and pinpads:


Countertop devices

Countertop devices are the most common payment devices that fulfill card transactions on the merchant side. Following the local POS payment security mandates, the devices enable the acceptance of a wide variety of card payment options including NFC, mobile wallets, chip and PIN, and contactless payments.

Portable terminals

Very convenient for safely accepting card payments anytime, anywhere. The wide range of mobile wireless solutions provides convenience for customers and new opportunities to merchants, generating revenue for their business.

Mobile terminals

Mobile POS (mPOS) provide the ability for customer transaction documentation through smart-phones or tablets instead of the traditional checkout register or other point-of-sale terminals. mPOS allows business owners to conduct transactions on-the-go and never miss a sale.

Unattended terminals

Providing reliability, security and convenience in unattended environments, whether indoor or outdoor, these secure and rugged self-service payment systems offer convenience for customers and help generate incremental revenue.


Pin Pads are following the latest regulatory mandates of PCI and all credit card schemas. Integrated with the EFT/POS, they allow the pin entry in the most convenient way for both merchants and cardholders.

Multi-media terminals

The full range of multimedia, consumer-facing devices allow merchants to move from basic device transactions to direct customer interaction and engagement while standing up to the most demanding retail conditions.

Multi-Protocol Manager Concentrator

Printec's proprietary solution, the MPM concentrator is the ideal equipment for managing the secure communication between EFT/POS terminals and the processing or management servers of the card payment network. Regardless of the manufacturer of the payment terminals managed, the type of communication protocols used, or the server for processing transactions, the MPM concentrator ensures the most secure, fast and reliable junction of these systems.

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