About fraud detection software and solutions.

Fraud affects businesses of all sizes in a number of ways: customer data vulnerability, corporate reputation as well as bottom line results. Business innovation is matched by fraud innovation with a continuous improvement of fraud methods that helps fraudsters maximize their profits. Staying ahead of global fraud is a never-ending battle.

Responding to the increasing data security awareness, regulators are focusing more on cybersecurity, as well as fraud operations models. These constantly evolving market trends require you to adapt and respond quickly enabling you to deliver real-time, customer-centric prevention.



Decision Making

Protect your reputation.

NCR Fractals detects fraud in real-time, allowing you to make the best decisions in order to keep your customer’s experience frictionless.
Operational Efficiency

Improve your cost savings and economies of scale.

A single, scalable, automated solution that responds quickly to changing fraud patterns. The solution is based on Fractals Rules Engine to keep you in control of your fraud management strategy.

Customer Experience

Be ahead of the curve.

Shorten your time to market with easy deployment and integration. NCR Fractals can be populated with a full set of rules in no time, enabling you to spend more time analyzing fraud and speaking to customers.

Product Information

NCR Fractals detects and prevents fraud using powerful, easy to manage, user controlled rules. It includes the ability to write rules using all data elements and history as well as complex profiles, statistics and functions stored in the system, making any rule scenario possible.

This solution also empowers business users to add, modify and test rules easily and quickly via a browser based graphical user interface.

Fractals provides a real-time fraud and risk-management omni-channel solution, a proven combination of user controlled rules and intelligent scoring based fraud detection all within a secure, PA DSS certified package.


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