About Risk Management in banks

Due to national and international regulations (e.g. the third and fourth EU directive), banks and financial institutions are obliged to create and continue risk analyses. Identification and evaluation of business risks is the first step and the basis of success for each of the derived measures to prevent potential damage.

To implement the statutory requirements, software can be employed to create the risk analysis in combination with existing research systems (e.g. for anti-money laundering and anti-fraud). This enables financial institutions to enrich their risk analysis with key figures, check the effectiveness of prevention measures, and continually refine risk evaluation and resulting measures.



Secure Compliance

Secure your Compliance

Designed as a business solution, it is easier to configure any detection scenario via UI without any programming or IT- knowledge.
Operational Efficiency

Improve your transparency.

Use risk modeling per customer category, and differentiate your approach.

Customer experience

Be fast with your decisions.

Having the right system supporting your decisions means that you can offer maximum security in minimum time, thus allowing your customers to do business with you without wasting any time.

Product Information

There are a number of different solutions for risk management for banks:



Siron®RAS guarantees that all risks regarding money laundering, financing of terrorism and fraud can be categorized and assessed. Siron®RAS helps the compliance/AML officer to create, continually monitor and update the company-specific risk analysis.

Siron®RAS shows the centralized risk strategy or the bank and the link between the description of the measures and the implemented corresponding IT- research scenarios within the AML or anti-fraud system.

FICO®Origination Manager

FICO®Origination Manager delivers the power to make more precise, value-based decisions at the origination stage, enabling you to grow more profitable portfolios while managing customer-level risk.

It is an application-to-decision solution that delivers a predictive analytic advantage to origination decisions. It helps lenders build more profitable portfolios and manage risk on a customer-level basis, while cost effectively adapting to rapid changes in the business and regulatory environments.

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