About ATMs

Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) have been around since 1967, providing an easy and convenient way for people to have access to cash.

Since then ATMs have come a long way; today we have Cash Dispensing ATMs, Cash Deposit ATMs, and Multifunction ATMs that can be installed in bank branches and outside of them, in order to provide consumers not only with the cash they need, but also to grant them access to a number of other banking services any day, at any place.

But Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) are not the only part of this self-service channel. There are a number of additional solutions that are essential for providing a truly exceptional customer experience while at the same time keeping your transactions safe and compliant with regulations.



Customer Experience

Deliver an exceptional customer experience

Your ATM network is your most important touchpoint with customers. A fully functional, always on network with additional services can only delight your customers.

Increase your operational efficiency

Faster transactions, better management and in-depth understanding of how your network works are some of the benefits you can reap through our ATM solutions.


Reliability and availability

A channel’s success is directly related to its availability. Make sure you have reliable ATMs as well as the skills and responsiveness you need from your maintenance services.

Product Information

There are a number of different NCR ATM models, as well as value added solutions for the ATM Channel.