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Omni-channel Transaction Analytics


Our solution improves banks’ visibility by providing the possibility to see every customer engagement, across all banking channels.


View “ready to analyze” transaction data continuously gathered across all banking channels

Blend relevant data from other tables and feeds

Understand customer banking behaviors

Display actionable information on demand, using a PC or Mobile Tablet

Improve channel Net Promoter Scores

Speed up reporting cycles

Monitor cash inventory and replenishment

Make better ATM and POS placement decisions

Analyze outage and availability impacts

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INETCO Analytics® features:

Detailed transaction intelligence

Continuous transaction monitoring and real-time alerts

Universal forwarding capabilities

Transaction logs with search, query and filter capabilities

Multi-hop transaction correlation and topology mapping

Automated transaction profiling

Configurable mobile and web-based dashboard displays

Option of passive, network-based instrumentation or host-based information collectors

Universal decoding engine

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