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Real-time Data Analytics & Monetization


With on-demand access to continuously streamed transaction data and business insights, financial institutions can now make timely decisions that will have a positive impact on profitability and the end customer experience.


Understand customer banking behaviors across all banking channels

Quickly identify transaction anomalies

Speed up reporting cycles

Increase customer acquisition

Maintain real-time control of systems performance and channel profitability

Make time sensitive decisions using real-time, data-driven applications and technologies

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Product information

INETCO Analytics® is a highly optimized solution architecture that provides both early warning of performance issues or anomalous activity, and identification of opportunities to further improve customer experience. This software creates innovation within your analytics value chain by gathering real-time customer transaction data across all banking channels – ready to be visually displayed any time you need it. It can also ingest and blend data from a variety of data-driven applications and third party sources, speeding up reporting cycles and ad hoc queries.

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