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Real-time Transactions Monitoring


Our solutions help banks and payment processors leverage transaction data which hold great value when it comes to improving customer experience, speeding up problem isolation and ensuring the highest possible service availability.


Deliver amazing customer experience by reducing failed consumer interactions and slowdowns by 25%

Reduce operational support costs

Improve profitability by gaining one-stop visibility into all self-service and middle-ware messaging transactions

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Product information

INETCO Insight® is a proven software platform that provides real-time monitoring for transactions spanning all your self-service channels and messaging middleware environments. A highly scalable solution, INETCO Insight combines transaction profiling capabilities, application performance analytics and end-user experience monitoring for a complete, enterprise-wide view into complex banking and payment processing environments.


NCR Aptra Vision is a multi-vendor self-service ATM management system which:

improves network availability

drives better consumer service

improves revenue generation

reduces costs

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