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Cash and Coin Handling
Professionals across industries struggle with managing the cash received while doing business with customers, as cash transportation is not only expensive, but risky as well. Cash handling is a very important task for businesses and reducing the time of the task while improving security can bring on a number of operational improvements.

APTRA Cash Connect


Banking software solution offering either online or offline connectivity to Teller Assist Units such as cash recyclers, cash and coin dispensers.


Combined withdrawal and deposit cash handling

Multiple currencies and sets of denominations can be defined, along with different note mixes for withdrawals

Enhanced banking software security

Reports providing totals and sub-totals by user, workstation or Teller Assist Unit

SmartPay MassCoin


Smart safe which constitutes the perfect back-office solution for quick and secure counting and real-time crediting of coins in a bank account. Ideal for bank branches, retailers, toll stations and public transport companies.


Ease of use

Instantly credited to the selected bank account

Fast coin counter with total storage capacity of up to approx. 70,000 coins with wagons or bags

Teller Cash Recycler


Pioneering cash recycling system that helps establish a secure environment for cash handling operations and storage. The compact devices are easily incorporated into a branch and integrated with the customer’s back office systems.


Optimizes branch business processes with deployment flexibility designed into the solution, virtually eliminating start-of-day and end-of-day set up activities, and providing a consolidated view of the branch cash holding

Reduces monotonous and repetitive tasks

Advanced authentication and fitness sorting capabilities

Efficient banknote recycling at the teller counters

Reduces teller differences due to miscounting or misdetection of counterfeit notes



Smart cash drawer that can accept cash instead of a cashier.


Increased security and speed

It counts, gives change, accepts card payments and prints receipts

Ideal for small businesses – increased productivity as it allows staff to serve more customers while payments are being taken care of

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