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What is Paperless Hotel?
Transform the way you interact with your visitors and ensure a seamless and hassle-free experience for your guests.
Guests appreciate flexibility, speed, and convenience. By introducing paperless check-in solutions, you can revolutionize the way you interact with visitors across touch points, digitizing the whole process, and eliminating all the paperwork. At the same time, you will improve the operations of your hotel, save time and costs.
With electronic signatures, both customers and employees can fill-in and sign any document electronically only once, saving time and simplifying processes. The digital folder created for each reservation transforms all customer and internal processes and transactions, eliminating the need of physical papers and archiving, keeping everything digital.

Rethink your digital transformation and deliver an exceptional guest experience with “Paperless Hotel”.

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Great guest
experience - 100%
paperless hotel (3)
Digitalize and speed-up
internal approval processes
paperless hotel (4)
Minimize check-in
waiting time
paperless hotel (5)
Eliminate paper
and go green
paperless hotel (6)
eIDAS certified approach
with a robust and proven solution
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Fast start
Check-In & Registration

Speed-up and transform your existing paper-based registration process, to a new 100% digital experience, for all your customers and visitors.

  • At the lobby use signature tablets with pen for filling-in and signing the registration form
  • Save valuable time by utilizing pre-registration. Your visitors can fill-in the registration form, at their leisure before arriving at the hotel, from the convenience of their home or while traveling, using their mobile, tablet, or pc
  • Use your existing forms, or enhanced multi-language versions, with useful metadata
  • Easily prepare and handle bulk arrivals
  • Introduce self-service kiosks for the registration process
Internal Approvals

Digitalize and speed-up all your internal approval and signing processes, using a safe, robust, and easy-to-use solution. Forget paper handling and all associated delays and costs.

  • Easily create and send any document for approval
  • Use many signing levels, if needed, and sequential or parallel signing streams, internal or external signers
  • Signers can sign anywhere, anytime, using any device (mobile/tablet/pc). All signing methods are supported (biometric, click-to-sign, sms-otp, digital certificates) with real-time approvals
  • Utilize pre-built templates with predefined recipients and signing levels. Ad-hoc delegation is also supported
  • Automatic classification, organization and archiving of all signed documents
  • Use your existing forms for approval, or enhanced versions with useful metadata
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