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Point of Sale Solutions


Every point of sale – large or small – needs speed, flexibility and increased efficiency. Our technology and solutions can help achieve all that and even more.


Increase customer satisfaction – provide the flexibility customers need in order to shop faster and better

Increase operational efficiency – better management, faster deployment and transactions can reduce costs and increase efficiency

Increased security – the right technology solutions make shopping easier and safer

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Point of Sale devices and peripherals

Our ECR POS devices are compatible with all sales programs and can serve any retail point. POS peripherals include scanners, printers, scales, price checkers so that customers are serviced fast and go to checkout without extra hassle.

Counting machines

They provide an easy way for cash-heavy businesses to process and count large amounts of money quickly and efficiently.

Electronic shelf-labels

Our automated price management solution allows retailers to automatically distribute prices to LCD and paper-white based tags, both via WiFi and low frequency.

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