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What is x-core?
x-core is a software solution for self-service kiosks (e.g. ATMs).
Leveraging the functionality of the existing kiosk application, x-core delivers a true personalized experience responding to the needs of today’s digital consumers.
Unlocking the possibilities of kiosks, stores can now stand out and offer customers extended self-service possibilities without losing human touch. At the same time, employees are redeployed to focus on customer consultation and other value adding services.



Deliver superior customer service across all channels, physical and digital; unlock kiosk potential and enable customers to perform a wide range of transactions.
personalized experience



Create a unique experience for your customers with a tailor-made interface and customized campaigns and offers to ensure they get the most out of your services.
increased productivity


Staff can be redeployed to focus on customer service and revenue generating activities, optimizing staff to customer ratio and profitability per employee.



Decrease cash handling and CIT costs, as well as infrastructure costs, while increasing your revenue with custom CRM sales offers and real-time reactions of your staff.
Solution architecture
x-core is a software solution with a modular architecture, based on three main components:

– ATM client application which must be installed at each terminal

– x-core middleware server which can be installed on customer premises

– Tablet application (x-core – Mobile Banker) which is used for real time interaction with customers (optional)

x-core solution architecture
Introduce a ‘true self-service’ concept
We have reimagined the self-service experience and unlocked the possibilities of kiosks with x-core. Your customers can now perform a wide variety of services from a single device.

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