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What is bizwire?
bizwire is an End-to-End Fleet Card Platform
We created bizwire as an ‘One Stop Shop’ solution providing all the necessary functionality to our clients in order to fulfil their needs.
Leading petrol companies use the bizwire platform for account management, card issuing, acquiring, switching and B2B online monitoring. With bizwire all transactions are easy, fast and secure. Access to data happens real-time, while processing and reporting becomes a matter of seconds.
Full featured package
It includes all the elements that the petrol company, petrol stations, company or driver need to better manage fleet expenses of the vehicles
99,99% uptime, we offer a solution that’s always there for you with 4.000+ stations and 20.000+ companies with 500.000+ cards using it
Ease of use
The fleet card allows the driver to purchase fuel & other products from a wide network of petrol stations. Easy web access to the customers for real time information, account management and report creation.
Saves your money
& human resources
With minimum resources required, you can have great service, data quality and optimum savings, all at once.
Why choose
Our company is the vendor chosen by top petrol companies such as BP,
EKO, Shell, AVIN, Aegean, and Elin as well as top international card
issuers such asEuroShell, Routex, AS24, DKV, UTA, Eurowag, and other
fleet card leaders.
Many of our clients migrated from legacy systems to bizwire as part of
their digital transformation program. Others confronted the limitations
of existing service providers and decided to adopt an innovative
solution. Some customers had the ambition to go cross-border. Others
launched fleet card business on bizwire to expand their customer value

Bizwire Platform

At a Glance
  • Providing Services in 21 countries
  • Deployment in 17+ petrol companies
  • Installations in 5000+ petrol stations
  • Global support
  • Multiple languages, currencies, time zones
Omni Channel
  • POS
  • OPT’s
  • Mobile / Web

Local Fleet Cards

International Fleet Cards

  • EuroShell
  • AS24
  • Routex
  • DKV
  • UTA
  • Eurowag
  • IDS/Q8
  • E100
  • Smartdiesel
  • IQ
  • DTS
  • Woelf
  • Tankpool
  • Logpay
Scalability & Performance
  • From S to XXL
  • Online 24/7/365
  • 500,000+ cards
  • 9,000+ POS authorizing transactions daily
  • B2B WEB portal for 20.000+ customers

Bizwire Modules

bizwire olution includes a number of different independent modules, allowing the petrol company to select the ones that best fit their needs.
Customer account management
Merchant & terminal management
Card issuing
Transaction authorization & switching
Transaction settlement
Customer credit control
B2B customer & merchant portals
Driver mobile application


ISO 9001:2015, ISO 27001-1:2013, ISO 20000-1:2011, IFSF Technical Associate Member

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