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Watch4Pay Merchant Acquiring


Watch4Pay is a turn-key solution for large merchant networks wishing to take advantage of the same level of service across multiple countries. Central solution for card acceptance, terminal estate management and payment application provision relying on trusted local team for field support are the main solution features.


One stop shop including terminal leasing, payment application provision, transaction switching to the preferred acquirer(s) and major payment networks

Cross-border acquiring support, eliminating need for local certification

Merchant portal for quasi-online transaction review

Multi-language localization of payment application

Local language merchant helpdesk

Reliable customer support with selectable SLA levels

Product information

Modular architecture, easy integration

Secure processing

Guaranteed high availability

Supports: Multicurrency, multi-language, contact and contactless EMV cards, cashback, pre-authorization, e-receipts, on-line transactions review

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