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Anti-Money Laundering (AML)


A solution that effectively monitors customers' transactions using institute specific research scenarios, historical information and group profiles to identify money laundering activities.


Improvement of central control and transparency

Helps AML/Compliance officers to comply with the ever changing regulations in a cost effective way

On-line and batch checking procedures together with best practices AML scenarios embedded, allows Banks to minimize fault positive results

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Product information

Siron™ AML is an advanced analytics solution to detect money laundering. It monitors customers, accounts and transactions with pinpoint accuracy for suspicious activity. Comprehensive investigation, visualization and case management functionalities allow to fully analyze alerts and support the decision process from invalidating a suspicion to electronic filing of suspicious activity reports (SAR) to the authorities. This proven end-to-end transaction monitoring solution helps AML officers to easily keep up with new threats and comply with ever-growing regulatory requirements in a cost-effective way.

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