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What is Omni-fraud?
To combat financial crime and fraud you must do more than play catch-up and leapfrog.
Omni-fraud, powered by FIS Memento, is a cloud-based (SaaS) multi-channel financial crime management tool that ensures scalability and cost effectiveness. Omni-fraud enables you to protect against fraud in all locations, including channels such as: cards, ATMs, POSs, e-commerce, e-banking, m-banking, SWIFT, SEPA and batch interface with core banking. With highly scalable ML and AI capabilities it can help you spot fraudulent transactions in real-time and predict new threats, while being compliant to local or regional regulatory frameworks.

This highly flexible solution is delivered to you by FIS Memento, a category leader with over 100 deployments worldwide.

Ensure Compliance
Meet compliance requirements (PSD2 and TRA) for multi-channel reporting.
Achieve Flexibility
Scalable, cloud-based solution (SaaS) with a faster time to market, lower TCO and cost of implementation.
Adopt a Holistic Solution
A single cross-channel solution for all types of fraud with real-time identification of fraudulent transactions and extended AI and ML capabilities.
A solution to fight fraudsters and cover the needs of your business.
With the proven, scalable real-time engine and low response times offered by Omni-fraud, you will be able to monitor transaction volumes across multiple channels.

Card frauds related to payments; whether you’re a card issuer, processor or merchant acquirer, Omni-fraud empowers you to prevent fraud in real time, across all payment channels.

Internet & mobile banking; Omni-fraud highlights the importance of account behavior associated with specific channels and user behavior, generating risk score associated with each event/transaction.

Swift & SEPA; Omni-fraud monitors instant payment activity, through the analysis of account and user behavior to look for warning signs that accounts or users have been compromised.

Batch interface with core banking; Omni-fraud will reference previous transaction history – alerts will be created should an unusual transaction occurs.

A commanding view of financial crime management.
With Omni-fraud, you gain a 360° view that protects your firm and detects potential cross-channel fraud before it happens. By using powerful analytics to examine customer behavior and related transactions trends, you can support multiple fraud detection strategies, including:

  • adaptive analytics
  • machine/deep learning
  • artificial intelligence (AI)
  • profiling
  • behavioral rules
  • other probability-based models

The above occurs on a cross-channel data agnostic basis, both in real time and batch, thanks to the powerful, schema agile and highly scalable solution offered by FIS Memento.

Link analysis and data visualization
Omni-fraud utilizes link analysis and visualization techniques and is the industry's only solution that can derive dynamic links based on transactional data.
Omni-fraud will serve as the centralized repository for executive-level and detailed analysis reports. The data can be visualized and customized by users.
Security and auditing
All user roles are assigned to user groups, with access rights defined for each role. This means that access to workflows, rule editor, audit logs, reporting, etc., is monitored.
Prevent enterprise fraud with an integrated security ecosystem
ML and AI
Machine Learning
& AI Techniques
data management
Data Management
real-time engine batch
Real-time / Batch Engine
link analysis and visualization
Link Analysis & Visualization
alert management
Alert Management
case management
Case Management
forensic research
Forensic Research
reporting and dashboards
Reporting & Dashboards
Don't react. Outsmart.
When you can predict financial crimes across multiple channels, you regain power over fraudsters. Leveraging the highly scalable machine learning and AI capabilities of FIS Memento that empowers Omni-fraud, you will be able to spot fraudulent transactions across your entire firm in real-time and predicting new threats. Plus, you gain all the cross-channel tools your staff needs to efficiently and holistically manage any threat.

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Related resources

  • Omni-fraud: Real-time 360⁰ fraud service powered by FIS Memento
  • Holistic view on fraud
  • The importance of anti-fraud solutions and cross-channel analysis in the banking sector
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