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Risk Management


This software allows banks and financial institutions to create and continue risk analyses, as per the national and international regulations.


Enrich risk analysis with key figures

Check the effectiveness of prevention measures

Continually refine risk evaluation and resulting measures

Prevent potential damage

Ensure maximum security in minimum time

Use risk modeling per customer category to differentiate your approach

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Product information

There are different solutions for risk management for banks:

Siron™ RAS helps compliance officers to create, continuously monitor and update an institution-specific risk analysis to adopt the mandated risk based approach. It comes with an extensive data base with predefined risk factors and potential prevention measures based on the most-up-to-date industry knowledge. By offering workflow for decentral and interdisciplinary approaches, the product ensures that all risks pertaining to money laundering, terrorism financing and other criminal acts can be identified and assessed to derive and track mitigating strategies in an audit-proof, closed loop system.

FICO® Origination Manager equips lenders of all sizes, in all industries, to accomplish a fast and simple lending experience while improving profitability and managing risk. It's a powerful and highly flexible system for evaluating customer value and risk when starting a new credit relationship, helping you make faster, smarter decisions. Because it’s built on a platform using service-oriented architecture principles, IT reliability and maintenance needs are decreased. It's a single decision platform supporting the entire application process.

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