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Tax Compliance


Abiding to international tax regulations and maintaining compliance with growing and complex reporting obligations, through Siron™ TCR.


Highly automated and built-in workflow to fulfill both FATCA and CRS requirements

Flexible basis to meet changing future needs quickly and easily

Fulfills identification, classification and reporting obligations – be it FATCA or CRS – with one single solution

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Product information

Siron™ TCR is a comprehensive, highly flexible solution that simplifies tax compliance. The identification process classifies customer and account data by CRS/FATCA relevance. The system guarantees that the classification of a natural or legal person is continuously reviewed and that CRS/FATCA related changes are identified. Defined workflows remind customer advisors to complete necessary tasks, which clarify the CRS or FATCA status. Siron™ TCR disposes of integrated document tracking in order to monitor deadlines and the validity of the documents. The CRS & FATCA software also ensures secure electronic reporting to tax authorities.
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