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Transaction Screening


To disrupt terrorist funding, Siron™ Embargo screens transactions in real-time by matching sender and recipient data with numerous national and international sanction lists. Transactions with alerts that are triggered by a match with an entry in a sanction list are 'frozen' by the system. Transactions without alerts are released immediately and returned to the payment flow. The transaction screening system logs all checks, steps, and decisions for each suspicious activity in an audit-proof manner.


Customer classification:

Increases accuracy while saving time and money

Minimizes false positives by utilizing sophisticated algorithms and reduces the compliance officer’s workload

Stay compliant and safeguard the enterprise

Ensures compliance with international sanctions and the latest embargos in order to safeguard the enterprise

Certified solution

SWIFT Certified Application label guarantees compliance with all SWIFT standards and connectivity with the SWIFT payment-transaction format

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Product information

Siron™ Embargo satisfies all legal requirements for combating international terrorism through the freezing of assets, while matching in real-time all recipient and sender data against national and international watch lists. It conducts extensive search routines and sophisticated matching to identify terrorist related transactions and leverages white lists and custom check rules to reduce due diligence costs for transaction screening. Siron™ Embargo can process SWIFT, non-SWIFT, and SEPA payments. No IT knowledge required to specify settings and rules for watch list filtering.
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