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Automated Teller Machines (ATMs)


Printec provides a wide range of NCR ATMs to financial institutions across CEE. Inspired and designed around customer needs, NCR ATMs blend human intuition with the latest technological advances to create an ATM experience that can handle more complex transactions beyond simply withdrawing and depositing money, offering customers a seamless omni-channel experience.


Enable automated payment transactions

Easy and convenient access to cash and additional services

For banks, tellers’ time is freed up so they can focus on high-value activities

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Product information

There are a number of different NCR ATM models, as well as value added solutions for the ATM Channel:

Cash Dispensing ATMs: A trusted and convenient self-service point for all customers that allows easy, fast and secure access to cash. Example models are NCR SelfServ 23, SelfServ 27 and SelfServ 28

Intelligent Deposit ATMs: People have learned to expect more from their ATM; if your customers want to not only withdraw cash but also to deposit and perform several tasks, the new NCR SelfServ 80 Series (SelfServ 81,SelfServ 82 and SelfServ 84) are some ATM models they could use.

Multi-function and Cash recycling ATMs: Banks can offer customers and non-customers advanced, deposit-based transactions like foreign exchange, loan repayment, check cashing and processing, bill payment, along with cash recycling. Example models are: NCR SelfServ 83 and SelfServ 87.

Multivendor ATM Software

Building on our multi-year experience with APTRA™ Advance NDC, we enable financial institutions to deploy a single ATM software platform across multiple vendors’ ATM hardware, providing a broad set of ‘out-of-the-box’ transactions, and one common platform for the rapid deployment of new ATM software features.

Cash Forecasting and Optimization

NCR APTRA Cash Management Solutions enable financial institutions to achieve the right balance of cash in branches and throughout their ATM network to meet customer demand, while avoiding holding excess of cash that could be invested elsewhere. Through a sophisticated, three-tiered approach of forecasting, optimization, and automation, APTRA Cash Management Solutions positively impacts all factors related to cash management, including forecasting, cost balancing, ordering, monitoring, expense tracking and more. See our respective case studies to see how we’ve worked with our customers to provide impressive results.

Network Monitoring and Uptime Optimization

Supporting the most extensive ATM self-service network in CEE, we strive to achieve ATM service lifecycle management (SLM) operational excellence through a combination of highly skilled people, best practices and world-class software technology. Either through solutions designed and developed by Printec, or working with our strategic partners, we help our customers improve their self-service networks availability, combining operational efficiencies with improved consumer service and better user experience.

ATM Security and Regulatory Compliance

The ATM is increasingly becoming a global target for crime that is why we are working closely with market leaders in order to ensure integrity of self-service channel and stay ahead of criminal activity. We offer solutions against card skimming, card and cash trapping, logical attacks, or any new method criminals come up with. We also offer certified hardware and software that is compliant with current regulations.

ATM Security Cameras

Our ΑΤΜ Security Camera solution captures snapshots of transactions associated with the most important steps within the process of each ATM transaction. These images are stored locally on the ATM for a parametrically defined amount of time, and, subsequently, are automatically transferred to a central server for reference, reporting and housekeeping purposes. The pictures are time-stamped and may also render additional transaction-related details, providing a valuable aid to track back ambiguous or suspect events during transactions. The cameras also feature video recording triggered by motion detection in the vicinity of the ATM.

This software platform supports multiple ATM hardware manufacturers (multivendor), thus allowing financial institutions to deploy one single solution over their whole ATM self-service network.

Multi-Channel Marketing

The ATM self-service network is only one of the many touchpoints with customers; thus, a suite of multi-channel marketing software solutions is necessary in order to enable financial institutions to redefine their marketing strategy over their ATM self-service network, spanning broad based advertising campaigns to targeted, personalized and location sensitive content delivery to consumers.

NCR APTRA™ Promote enables the delivery of carefully coordinated, high-impact marketing and advertising campaigns to segmented customer groups, as well as to non-customers of the Bank. Leveraging the on-screen video and graphics capabilities of new generation ATMs, campaigns can deliver promotional or discount coupons for a true multimedia experience. Promote also enables the delivery of the most relevant promotions and advertising based on the geographical position, or the location type, of the ATMs.

NCR APTRA™ Relate enables the delivery of personalized messages to customers, operating as a link between the back-end customer information system(s) and the consumer-facing self-service channel. Relate enables one-to-one communication over the ATM channel, thus featuring personalized content delivery (e.g. offering a specific retail banking product to a specific customer), including the definition of customers’ favorite transaction amount and receipt options. This latter option yields up to 33% faster transaction times, shorter queues and, effectively, improved customer experience. Relate also features bilateral communication mode, thus enabling the capturing of important information on customers’ preferences.

Extended transactions over ATMs

The ATM network is one of the most important networks for any financial organization; at the same time it is one of the favorite ones of customers. Thus, enabling the ATM to perform additional transactions will give extra functionality to an existing network (with no need for an additional one), and provide convenience to customers who can now perform more transactions over their favorite channel.

  • Balance Enquiry
  • Cash Withdrawal
  • Funds Transfer
  • Electronic Payments
  • Bill Payments
  • Donation transfers
  • Cheque processing
  • Deposit collection – coin and cash
  • Top-up mobile pre-paid cards
  • Statement printing – A4 and “mini”
  • Receipt printing
  • Receiving feedback using marketing tools
  • Advertising – Bank and 3rd Party
  • Foreign currency exchange
  • Ticket purchasing

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