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What is vendipack?
Your all-inclusive vending service tool.
vendipack is powerful vending machine companion toolset that redefines vending machine management. With a focus on simplicity and efficiency, vendipack stands out with its turn-key approach, eliminating the need for extra integration work. Beneficiaries experience seamless operations as our modular set ensures full inter-module compatibility, providing a hassle-free vending experience.
Telemetry module
Card payments module
Fiscal module
    • Turn-key solution – no need for extra integration works by the beneficiary
    • Full inter-module operation compatibility
    • Centralized management and support of the modular set
    • Modern, highly featured apps. of telemetry and card payments
    • 100% compliant with Visa, MasterCard, EMV, PCI rules, including PSD2/SCA
    • Local (domestic) or regional card payments acquiring (lower costs of trx. processing)
    • Fiscal compliance (for countries where fiscal modules are mandatory for VMs)
Targeted Clientele
Our product is an auxiliary package of HW and SW parts plus certain services aimed at optimizing VM operations (increase revenues and profitability) for the following types of clients:
Vendipack Overview - Modules

The telemetry module (TM) monitors and reports:

  • Transaction and merchandise
  • Payment data
  • VM technical status

Telemetry can also do some remote mgmt. of the VM, such as:

  • Operational
  • Technical
  • Can be either Hardware-based or Software-based, depending on specific countries’ legislation
  • Online connection with state’s fiscal authority for tax reporting
  • Mandatory for VM in some countries
  • Specific SW application to be authorized individually in each country.
Card payments
  • Castles UPT1000F unattended POS
  • SW app. developed and offered by Printec
  • To connect to local or regional acquirers/switches
  • Compliant with PSD2/SCA mandate
  • Printec to offer support for EMV L3 certification
  • In case of installation with FM and / or with TM, PM can ensure necessary 3G/4G data comm. for those modules too
Selling through vending machines
Unattended vending has become ubiquitous. We can see vending machines (VM) almost anywhere now:

Product dispensers

    • Hot/cold beverages
    • Snacks
    • Books
    • Umbrellas
    • Hygiene products
    • Pharmaceutic products

Paid services / enter certain places

    • Massage chairs
    • Tanning beds/ capsules
    • Self-photograph booths
    • Access to public events

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