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Our Sustainability Strategy
Better World is our commitment to a more accessible and sustainable world. Following the principles of ESG (Environment, Society, and Corporate Governance), we pledge to:
Have a positive impact on the communities we touch upon
Improve our impact on the environment
Ensure our consistent and continuous improvement in every aspect of our strategy and operations

Our commitments
We understand that it is the responsibility of every business to think, plan, and operate in a more sustainable way.

Companies must be prepared for social and environmental changes that may affect our direct and indirect environment, and ensure that through our operations we add value to the society and the economy.

  • Reduce our environmental footprint through our business operations

  • Be a responsible business towards our partners and customers

  • Be a responsible employer towards our people

  • Maintain strong governance and ethics to guide our actions

  • Achieve resilience by integrating risks and crisis management in our business operations

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Our pillars
Focus our efforts on creating a better future for our planet, emphasizing climate change, natural resources and pollution factors.
Have a positive impact on the communities we touch upon, focusing on human rights, labor standards and internal as well as external synergies.
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Having the best rules, procedures and processes in place that will allow us to succeed in our Better World program and in our overall business. We focus on the areas of business continuity, risk management, and corporate governance implementation, and on the systems that are needed to monitor and improve our operations.
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    Focus on saving energy by reducing the energy consumption of our offices, and by implementing a new car policy.

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    Implement waste management & recycling principles across our operations.

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    Improve our offices’ footprint through our Green Office program, by improving energy and water use, eliminating plastic, and composting.

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    Offer an eco-friendly portfolio, by increasing the solutions that have positive impact on the environment.

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    Focus on employee engagement & wellbeing by offering assistance programs, FlexWork, and mental / physical health initiatives.

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    Prioritize health & safety by offering first aid trainings and ensuring safety at work.

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    Promote human rights as a responsible employer, partner, and supplier.

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    Run our customer satisfaction survey and act on the results.

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    Invest in learning & development through personalized training plans, learning initiatives, and talent management.

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    Promoting gender equality, raising awareness, and implementing initiatives to tackle traditional gender roles & implicit biases.

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    We believe in performance management’s value and ensure a solid process with quality feedback.

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    We prioritize data management through our data security processes, ISO (International Organization for Standardization) certifications, and GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliance.

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    We implement corporate governance through our anticorruption, ethics, whistleblowing, and code of conduct programs.

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    We implement risk management through our processes on BCP (Business Continuity Plan), crisis management, and succession planning.

We Care
is our long-term commitment to volunteerism, engagement, and caring.
Following our belief that a better world is built with CARE, our WeCare program focuses on:
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Encouraging our people to volunteer for social or environmental causes
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Ensuring that we have the processes and systems in place to enable & support our people in understanding not only the social and environmental problems of this world but also how we can make a difference as individuals or organization.
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Empowering our people to participate and reinforce our efforts to contribute to a better world
We are a member of the United Nations Global Compact and we support the UN Principles and the Sustainable Development Goals.
Our Sustainability Report

2022 Sustainability Report

Our annual report summarizes the significant strides we have made across insights, customer service, and our own company in advancing sustainable and inclusive growth around the world.

Read our report

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