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Fleet Management System


Our solution includes a fleet card, a POS terminal and a software platform (PaaS), offering end-to-end visibility of the fleet’s expenses and providing real-time analytics to all related parties such as the petrol company, the station owners, the company and the driver. With our Watch4FMS solution, all transactions are easy, fast and secure. Access to data happens real-time, while processing and reporting becomes a matter of seconds.


For Petrol Stations
  • Drives more customers to the petrol station network
  • Enhances customer loyalty
  • Improved monitoring for transactions: settlement per user / company / station (franchise stations included)
  • Inclusion of pre-set discounts
  • Authorization, payment settlements and connection with ERP
For Businesses
  • Minimum time for internal processing and checking
  • Cashless transactions, avoiding fixed down payments
  • Easy reporting through the portal
  • Easy to apply policies with automated rules per user/company
  • One web portal able to monitor, edit and delete accounts
  • Control over transportation costs
  • Visible transactions and export lists
For Employers
  • No need to spend their own cash
  • Easy avoiding hassle and paperwork
  • 24-hour support and access to transactions
  • Can to use card for non-fuel transactions
  • A wide network of petrol stations to choose from
  • Automatic charging, saving time and effort
  • Accepted at all POS stations

Product information

The FMS solution includes a number of different independent modules, allowing the petrol company to select the ones that best fit their needs.
FMS Platform
  • ERP interfacing
  • Terminal Management System: parameters download, SW version control, stock management, issue management
  • Dealer and card management
  • MIS features: statistics, reporting and bulk import / export capability
  • Billing and invoicing
Dealer Portal
  • Online customer and product on-boarding, account opening, fees, commissions, events and counters
  • Payments and transfers, fraud prevention and dispute assistance
  • Merchant payments, accounting, clearing and settlements, analytics and reporting
  • Driver profiles and data
  • Transaction management including switching, authorization (online – offline – voice) and clearing and settlement
  • Multi-acquirers / issues support
  • Card issuing / personalization
  • White / stop list
Users Company & Drivers
  • Driver’s mobile app
  • B2B portal
  • Customer management
  • Expert consulting on strategy, design and implementation of FMS
  • Proof of concept setup, contract support